[GRADLE-2690] Make Gradle artifact cache portable (make cache paths relative to cache base) Created: 22/Feb/13  Updated: 06/Feb/17  Resolved: 06/Feb/17

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My company requires that we be able to escrow our software. This requires us to build a package that includes everything necessary to build, including 3rd-party libraries, without assuming that any particular network resources are available.

To satisfy this requirement, I need to be able to package the Gradle artifact cache (e.g. the entire GRADLE_USER_HOME) and then use it on another machine (which I may not be able to control) and have the cached artifacts resolve successfully in --offline mode.

Since Gradle's cache stores the native OS absolute path (e.g. drive letters "C:" and backslash() file separators in the case of Windows) it will not work if unpacked into a different drive letter and/or directory structure. Similarly, the cache cannot be moved between a Windows and *NIX environment. (Our build process supports running under both Linux and Windows.)

Without necessarily changing any of the external behaviors/interfaces it would be fantastic if the artifact cache stored paths *relative to the cache base directory* and normalized to always use '/' as the file separator. Please note that this request is NOT asking to change the outwardly-visible behavior of the cache; i.e. existing APIs could still return runtime-resolved absolute paths.

If this were done, it should be much easier to move the contents of GRADLE_USER_HOME to a new location/machine without needing to rebuild, as long as GRADLE_USER_HOME is set (at the destination) to point to the correct location.

This approach has worked for Maven-based projects and in contrast makes escrowing a Gradle build very painful.

Comment by Jon McKenzie [ 03/Oct/14 ]


We have a similar vendoring requirement.

Comment by Anton [ 16/Sep/15 ]

The same requirements.
It worth to say that it was possible with gradle v0.9.2. We support a project and deliver cache as a part of distribution package.

Comment by Marko Krajnc [ 11/Jul/16 ]


Comment by James French [ 04/Aug/16 ]


Would really like this.

Comment by Silvio Moioli [ 31/Aug/16 ]

Linux distros would appreciate this for offline builds.

Comment by Andrea Panattoni [ 04/Oct/16 ]

We need this feature for escrow implementation

Comment by Mihai CAZACU [ 20/Oct/16 ]


Comment by Benjamin Muschko [ 15/Nov/16 ]

As announced on the Gradle blog we are planning to completely migrate issues from JIRA to GitHub.

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Comment by James French [ 15/Nov/16 ]

I still want this. The use case for me is that I want to manage the gradle distribution and plugins centrally and have it checked in to source control where it has visibility tracking. All users would run with --offline. It is not possible to run with --offline if people have their gradle distro checked out to different places. If the cache did not store absolute paths this would work.

Comment by Sebastian Schuberth [ 15/Nov/16 ]

Same here, we want to pre-populate the cache on newly added CI nodes by copying over the cache from some other node, which potentially stores the cache in a different absolute directory.

Comment by Silvio Moioli [ 16/Nov/16 ]

+1, still relevant.

Comment by Marko Krajnc [ 16/Nov/16 ]

Still relevant => open a new GitHub issue!

Comment by Paulo R C Siqueira [ 16/Nov/16 ]

Definitely still relevant!

Comment by Benjamin Muschko [ 06/Feb/17 ]

The issue is now tracked via https://github.com/gradle/gradle/issues/1338.

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