[GRADLE-2270] Sync task does not remove not copied files if the UP-TO-DATE check is successful Created: 02/May/12  Updated: 07/Feb/17  Resolved: 07/Feb/17

Status: Resolved
Project: Gradle
Affects Version/s: 1.0-rc-3
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Type: Bug
Reporter: Mauro Molinari Assignee: Unassigned
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Consider the example in the Gradle User Guide:

task libs(type: Sync) {
    from configurations.runtime
    into "$buildDir/libs"

If you run this task and then manually copy some other file in $buildDir/libs, then run this task again, you'll see that the task is UP-TO-DATE and no action is taken. Instead, I would expect the manually copied file to be removed. This should actually be the difference between a Copy task and a Sync task.

The problem is in the UP-TO-DATE check, which should be made differently for the Sync task. In fact, if I remove one of the copied JARs and re-run the task, then the UP-TO-DATE check fails and the manually added file is correctly removed.
Maybe a "snapshot" of the output directory itself (not only of the copied file contents) should be made by Gradle to determine the UP-TO-DATE status.

Comment by Kim A. Betti [ 04/Apr/16 ]

Does the sync task work at all? I'm trying it out with Gradle 2.12 and even when preceding tasks are not up-to-date it still fails to remove files not copied.

Comment by Jendrik Johannes (Inactive) [ 16/Sep/16 ]

The issue came up recently again. Here are some additional notes and a use case:

Workaround: create custom tasks that explicitly define the output directory as an input so it can detect changes:

task mySync {
    inputs.files = files(“$buildDir/configuration”)
    inputs.files = filed(“$rootDir/../../upoint/configuration/core/Apps/Benefits/Portal/config")

    sync {
        from (“$rootDir/../../upoint/configuration/core/Apps/Benefits/Portal/config")
        into “$buildDir/configuration”

Use Case
1. run a syc from one directory into a buildDir/someOutput

task syncSomething(type: Sync) {
    from “a”
    into "$buildDir/someOutput"

2. Manually delete one file from buildDir/someOutput

3. Re-run the sync task and it says up to date. Per our understanding if anything in a or the output changes the task should re-run. Here is a coded example that will also recreate the issue.

task init << {
        def file1 = file('a/test1.txt')
        file1.text = "I am file 1!"

        def file2 = file('b/test2.txt')
        file2.text = "I am file 2!"

        def file3 = file('c/test3.txt')
        file3.text = "I am file 3!"

task run(type: Sync, dependsOn: 'init') {
        into 'out1'

task update(type: Copy, dependsOn: 'run') {
        into 'out1'

./gradlew update 
./gradlew run 
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Comment by Mauro Molinari [ 15/Nov/16 ]

This is still an issue in recent Gradle.

Comment by Eric Wendelin [ 07/Feb/17 ]

Moved to https://github.com/gradle/gradle/issues/1349

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