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Released: 28/Jul/11

Release Notes

Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

MajorBugGRADLE-1005Dependency resolving fails for certain maven artifactsLuke DaleyResolved1 commit
MajorImprovementGRADLE-1011Idea module javaVersion and "language level" Szczepan FaberResolved6 commits
BlockerNew FeatureGRADLE-1172Add PGP signature support to the maven pluginLuke DaleyResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1229Configuration resolves to empty set when project has no repositories and the dependencies already in cacheAdam MurdochResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1236Configuration silently ignores dependencies when no repositories are defined for the projectAdam MurdochResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1398Dependency but no repository fails "silently"Adam MurdochResolved1 commit
MajorImprovementGRADLE-1402Eclipse plugin should add generated resources to the classpath used to execute testsSzczepan FaberResolved3 commits
MajorBugGRADLE-1415'eclipse' plugin with 'war' plugin fails with class cast exceptionPeter NiederwieserResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1470Scala Eclipse metadata put out via Eclipse+Scala plugins is outdatedPeter NiederwieserResolved1 commit
MajorImprovementGRADLE-1475gradle release build should validate early and tag lateSzczepan FaberResolved1 commit
TrivialBugGRADLE-1479OS-X OpenJDK7 Issue with libjnidispatch.dylibAdam MurdochResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1494Tooling api skeletal project tries to download dependenciesSzczepan FaberResolved2 commits
MinorBugGRADLE-1499projectProperty setter of Sonar task adds to globalPropertiesPeter NiederwieserResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1502eclipse plugin creates incorrect .classpath when any source dir is externalSzczepan FaberResolved1 commit
MajorImprovementGRADLE-1504IDEA plugin should add generated resources to the classpath used to execute testsSzczepan FaberResolved3 commits
MajorBugGRADLE-1505org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.DefaultProjectsPluginContainer#hasPlugin should returns false if plugin class not present in classpathAdam MurdochResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1527Tooling api throws exception when project contains a wrapper properties file generated by a version of Gradle < 0.9Szczepan FaberResolved1 commit
MajorBugGRADLE-1529Eclipse model built by the tooling api for a project which does not use the eclipse plugin lists tasks which cannot be executedSzczepan FaberResolved2 commits
MajorImprovementGRADLE-1530Tooling api eclipse model should include the linked resources for the projectSzczepan FaberResolved3 commits
MinorImprovementGRADLE-1558improve application plugin to support to copy more files to distribution Luke DaleyResolved3 commits
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