[GRADLE-505] Create an Announce task Created: 26/May/09  Updated: 04/Jan/13  Resolved: 24/Nov/10

Status: Resolved
Project: Gradle
Affects Version/s: 0.6
Fix Version/s: 0.9-rc-1

Type: New Feature
Reporter: Jason Porter Assignee: Hans Dockter
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0

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dependent by GRADLE-494 Gradle should have a twitter plugin t... Resolved


Create an announce task that will be used as a framework to allow various implementations for conveying announcements to things such as twitter, email, growl (on a mac). See the thread on the mailing list referencing this idea (http://www.nabble.com/Announce-plugin-or-task--td23681789.html)

Comment by Hamlet D'Arcy [ 10/Mar/10 ]

a group of us have committed to getting together and fixing this issue. Is it valuable to fix this issue alone, or does 494 really need to be part of a proper fix?

Comment by Hans Dockter [ 10/Mar/10 ]

494 does not need to be part of the fix. I have changed the link type. As I understand 494, it would be part of the Gradle Gradle build itself.

Comment by Hamlet D'Arcy [ 26/Mar/10 ]

Hi Gang, this work is complete, as is the general purpose Announce plugin. Twitter, Snarl, and Ubuntu notifications all work. The userguide was updated as well. We might work just a little bit more on the user guide to make it nicer. The pull request was sent from github: http://github.com/madmarkus/gradle
Contact hamletdrc@gmail.com if you need any changes or questions answered.

Growl is not yet supported because we do not have a Mac.

Comment by Hamlet D'Arcy [ 07/Apr/10 ]

Is there anything we can do to make the patch merge easier?

Comment by Hans Dockter [ 07/Apr/10 ]

Hi Hamlet,

one thing we have been discussing is a more general issue. What are the Gradle core plugins and what not. There are three categories of plugins

  1. Core (e.g. Java)
  2. Maintained by Gradle (e.g. Jetty)
  3. External

The announce plugins falls into the second category. The problem is that Gradle is not modularized yet. So at the moment we are just monolithic and don't distinguish between 1 and 2. Therefore we decided yesterday to merge the announce plugin into the core distribution for 0.9. In 1.0 we will modularize.

The other thing we have been discussing is extracting a messaging layer which would go into the gradle-core.jar. But we won't do this for 0.9 I think. So because of those discussions the merge got delayed. But we will merge it soon.

Thanks again for all your work

Comment by Adam Murdoch [ 07/Apr/10 ]

I have reviewed the code, it looks good to me. I will merge it soon.

Comment by Hamlet D'Arcy [ 07/Apr/10 ]


IMO, plugins need to be easy to load and easy to find. Having to load plugins from all across of the Internet from URLs and such is a pain. I like what Griffon and Grails have done, where there is one plugin repository and many people can contribute to that central repo. Until this type of system exists, then I would keep putting the plugins into Gradle Core. I think we agree

Comment by Hans Dockter [ 22/Apr/10 ]

@Hamlet I have merged the Announce plugin into a local branch. Everything is ready for committing it except that the SnarlTest is failing on my Ubuntu machine. Any ideas?

Comment by Jason Porter [ 22/Apr/10 ]

@Hans: Snarl is a Windows version of Mac's Growl, it won't work on Ubuntu.

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