[GRADLE-2054] Tooling API not obeying gradle wrapper settings Created: 19/Jan/12  Updated: 10/Feb/17  Resolved: 10/Feb/17

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Project: Gradle
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Type: Bug
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The mechanism to determine which gradle version/distro to use based on wrapper properties is malfunction for me again.

E.g. I just checked out spring-integration from git:

git clone https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-integration

Tried to import into a version of STS build against 1.0-milestone-8-20120116200203+0100.jar

Although the project has a wrapper task and wrapper properties that specify to use M6 it ends up using

As a result the model build fails...
This seems to be regression introduced since M7 since the problem goes away if I revert to using M7 api jars.

Comment by Kris De Volder [ 19/Jan/12 ]

I realize there isn't that much info here. I will try to reproduce the problem again and post some more details if I can but don't have time at the moment as we are tying to push out an STS 2.9.0.M2 release at the moment.

Since STS 2.9.0.M2 is going to ship with M7 jars its not super urgent to get this fixed right now. Though I think we should make sure it is resolved by M8 or we would not want to include M8 jars with STS.

Comment by Adam Murdoch [ 20/Jan/12 ]

The wrapper properties file is in a non-standard location (.wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties), and as a result, the tooling API does not find it. It coincidently works with M7 because the M7 tooling API defaults to using M7.

Not sure what we can do here. Perhaps a warning when we find gradlew or gradlew.bat in the root directory, but no gradle-wrapper.properties.

Comment by Kris De Volder [ 27/Jan/12 ]

Thanks for looking into that.

OK, I see. That makes sense. I see now that they have edited gradlew.bat and the gradle shell script to be able to put the wrapper elsewhere. I can see how that may be a bit hard to figure out in the tooling API

I guess we can consider this more of a issue with the build itself rather than a Gradle tooling API issue.

I agree... beyond a warning/error there may not be anything reasonable you can do on your end.

If you decide to put that in... make sure not to issue the error/warning if the actual Gradle version / distribution is set via tooling API because that overrides wrapper anyhow so finding wrapper shouldn't matter in that case (and this is what users would have to do to make this particular project work!).

Comment by Benjamin Muschko [ 15/Nov/16 ]

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Comment by Benjamin Muschko [ 10/Feb/17 ]

Thanks again for reporting this issue. We haven't heard back from you after our inquiry from November 15th. We are closing this issue now. Please create an issue on GitHub if you still feel passionate about getting it resolved.

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